The Motorcycle Barrier is the ultimate access barrier. Easily and quickly installed, the Motorcycle Barrier is extremely durable, and will prove cost effective for many years. Many different options are available to enhance the appearance and functionality of the Motorcycle Barrier. If you need restricted access to an area then this is the access control mechanism to suit your needs.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Agrid Fencing, one of the UK's leading fencing manufacturers, installers and designers, you can be sure of the superior quality, durability and installation of the Motorcycle Barrier over other less well constructed rivals.

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The Motorcycle Barrier
Allows Access for:

Typical Barrier - Click for a larger image

Motorcycle Barrier with
cut-out for park name and

The Motorcycle Barrier
Prevents Access for:

Pedestrians Motor Scooters
Single Buggy Motorcycles
Double Buggy Quad bikes
Wheelchair Horses
Motorised Wheelchair Cattle
Mobility Scooters Sheep

Features:   Extras & options available:
Adjustable Bottom Bars   Cattle Grid
Internal Width Adjustment   Dog Grid
Park Name or Road Name Display   Sheep Grid
    Ground Socket (for fast construction)
    Integrated Lighting
    Choice of colour schemes

Displayed on the right is the optional ground socket.

This is sunk into the the ground and each leg of the barrier is inserted into the locating socket on either side. This allows for very fast and accurate construction, thus substantially reducing costs.

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